Hey Creative Human — You Blocked !!

You Wanna Be Startn’ Somethin’ !?

I help Creative Humans to get through creative blocks

by the 'making life magic' method


Name Your Price for A Good Ass Kicking…

quite literally its a

— quick & effective — no messing about — straight to the point — kinda of chat !!

Do you keep repeating the same idea over & over & over again?

Do you know what you need to do but just aren’t doing it?


at least not as fast as you know you should be ...

watched too many motivational videos ..

how to’s ..

know exactly what you need & want to do !!

Why aren’t you doing it then

... well …

it’s because we all just need a real good kick up the ass from time to time !!

— It’s as easy as that !!

So I’ve made it easy for you to get that .. it’s not hard on the pocket either but it will help you make the changes (or just be more aware of your actions to get s**t done!)

We’ll have a chat to tell me what’s going on ...

(or what’s not going on)

There’s nothing wrong with a
Good Old Fashion ‘Kick Up The Arse !!

This call will be one on one ... we’ll get straight to the point & my words will be honest & truthful on what ‘I see you’ need to do, no fluffy stuff, or trying to get woo woo breakthroughs !!

... if you’d just like the advice & ideas that’s cool — then this is it !!

If not — that’s cool too, you know it’s what you’re not doing already !!

p.s it won’t hurt … promise :) :)
p.p.s I’ll be gentle really !! ;)
p.p.p.s Let’s go … you know you need it !!

This is about moving you FORWARD, FAST & with no excuses !!

In & out 😝.. just like a dentist !!
Let’s get the pain over with & get you moving again !!

... p.p.p.p.s I know this is now gonna play over in your head !!

(I’ve triggered something !!)

”whats this fella all about then”
”what if “
“should I”
“I’ll sort myself out
“ok, where’s that remote !!”

I know how you feel — I’ve been there — that’s why I created this — to help you!!



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