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Why am I not doing anything?

Are people telling you, you are depressed !! Is every google search for ‘why am I not motivated’, ‘what is wrong with me’ finding you on a website with a phycitaryic, ph’d md xyz doctor telling you to look back at what has been the biggest stressor this week for you, what has changed recently for you !! Has your diet change !! Lol

Now I’m going to be going againsist the grain with this & followingthe few fellows out there like Gary Vee, Dan Lok, or Dan Pena sho are telling it as it really is !!

These old school ‘I’m broken’ industry’s making it a thing to fix yourself with the external influence are about to be washed away.

A wave is coming !!

Come a little closer .. I’ll tell you a secret !!


Your not broken or confused or anxious or this are freaking that ..

Your just not paying attention !!

It’s as simple as that !!

Here, I’ll explain ...

Your getting caught up on the feeling of thinking that is happing for you and playing it over ... putting onto the external world to fix for you !!

What I mean by paying attention ... is that when you ‘pay attention’ on something ... you watch it for what it actually is, which is nothing, put a meaning into something at becomes the meaning you put on it !!

Pay attention to ‘the meaning you have put  on it’

Pay attention to ‘that new meaning you have put on that now’

Pay attention to ‘the feeling you are feeling’

Pay attention to ‘the meaning you now put on that feeling’

Pay attention to ‘

By hopefully you see where I am going with this ...

By putting attention on everything... you come to realise that you can put attention on nothing ...

It’s all just feedback, therefore, watch it l, feel it, breathe it in, blow it out !!

I might come across as another one of those folks saying just mediate on it, but it is, meditation isn’t just sitting down with your eyes half closed and your fingers bent into a spiritual posture. Mediation is life ... it’s walking, talking, sitting, working, eating, drinking, playing, fighting, it’s loving ... just pay attention to what you are doing !! && if you don’t like it .. let it go & if you do like it, enjoy it for that moment & again , let it go then pay attention to something else !!

You’re not doing anything because your not wanting to pay attention, because it ‘hurts’ to do so ...

Why does it hurt ? ... pay attention to that !!

Now where gonna get somewhere ... all you have to do is be your own therapist now ... investigate the details. Give yourself a good kick up the arse ... or go speak to someone anyone a friend, a partner, a brother a sister ... who gives a shit to do it for you !!

Just as long as you aren’t sat there ‘thinking’ why am I not doing anything :) :)

*irronically, doing nothing is still doing something anyway !! ;)

If you are paying attention notice I’ve said exactly the same as the doctors, (they’ll all say get up get back into your routine do something) yet I didn’t start by telling you, you are depressed or anxious .. you’re just paying attention or not to the same thing for too freaking long !!

This is all mentors are, this is all therapists are ... they are just a fluffy way for us to get a kick up the arse (but packaged with a cuddle eitherside) a shit sandwich so I’m told !!

Just go and get that kick up the ducking areas and be done with it :) :)

& if you can’t do it for yourself go & find someone to give you a good kick up the arse !!